Our Background

Capital Design Group designs and builds unique, high-end living, working, and dining spaces that inspire people and improve the economic vitality and aesthetic of neighborhoods in the Washington, DC area. We have five principles that guide our work:

  1. Design: Produce great design that is both beautiful and functional, changing the way people feel and think inside and outside of the space.
  2. Reputation: Do all that is possible to stand behind our work, proactively address challenges, and be honest and forthright with our clients.
  3. Endurance: Use quality materials and expert craftsmen to build structures to last for decades, and whose design features will never seem dated.
  4. Transformation: Build with awareness that any project is part of a larger community and that it can change the way people view a place.
  5. Sustainability: Incorporate processes into design and construction that minimize the use and waste of energy and materials.

Many distinct homes, restaurants, and offices in Washington’s most prestigious locales – from Georgetown to Kalorama to Capitol Hill – stand as testaments to Capital Design Group’s commitment to innovation, quality, and service. We continually endeavor to stay on the leading edge of design and construction to create exciting interiors and apply state-of-the-art conveniences, while always maintaining the character of the original architecture when working with historic structures.

CDG was founded in 1995 by Dennis B. Lee, who has been building and renovating residential and commercial properties for over 20 years.

Dennis B. Lee


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